Live stronger and improve your stamina.

Join our strength classes to build strength in an effective and safe way. Guided by our experienced instructors you will learn how to perform specific movements with proper form. The classes are designed to adapt to your specific needs and your level of fitness.

(I) Circuit Training
Our energizing circuit sessions are comprised of high-intensity sequences with weights, balanced between functional and movement-based training that create a variety of stimuli for the body and mind. Working every muscle will enable you to build physical and mental strength and improve your stamina.
(II) Booty Sculpt
Our 45-minute booty sculpt classes will target all the bigger & smaller muscles in & around your derrière. In this class, we will use proven body weight exercises to strengthen & reshape the biggest muscle on your body - not only for looks. Through a sharp focus on the body-mind connection and moving along motivating beats, we will make sure you enjoy the burn & get the extra benefits for your daily life as well.
(III) Strength at Chateau
For a limited time we offer strength classes at the rooftop of Château Royal. Join us for a workout with a view and stay to eat breakfast at a special rate after. Non-members can join the class for 18 €. Just RSVP at